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10/03/2016 – Proposed Martlets Shopping Centre Redevelopment will break TEN Planning Policies

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The Planning Application for the Re-Development of the Martlets will be considered by Mid Sussex District Council Planning Committee on 10th March. The recommendation to approve the application requires the Council to ignore a large number of planning requirements. These include parts of the recently agreed Neighbourhood Plan which we were assured put the Community not Developers in charge of our town.

We are set to lose the Martlets Hall without any replacement, despite a petition of over 6000 people protesting at this decision. Now to add insult to injury it is suggested that the Council should waive the right to have affordable housing included in the development of the 142 residential units. The Council are also expected to waive the right to almost £1m of money for community infrastructure which this residential development would normally attract.

The justification for these recommendations is that the affordable housing and community infrastructure payments would make the development financially unviable for New River Retail. Their financial appraisal apparently forecasts a profit of £12m and taking into account the increased rental they will receive in future years for the shops, cinema, hotel, possibly library then it is clear that they are squeezing our Community for every penny profit they can get.

One can only hope, with a depressing lack of confidence, that our Councillors will at last stand up for the people of Burgess Hill and insist that, whilst we do want to see improvements, we want a fair financial deal for the people of the town.

David Andrews
Chair, Burgess Hill Labour

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