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28/10/2020 – WSCC Meetings held behind closed doors

Dear Mid Sussex Times

It is very concerning that West Sussex County Council have decided to cancel what should be public meetings and instead hold them informally behind closed doors.

The eleven County Local Committees are one of the few ways we can hold our County Councillors to account in the decisions they make on our behalf.

We call upon West Sussex County Council urgently to allocate the resources needed to hold the meetings via Zoom or another suitable platform. This is surely a simple request and an important one for the County Council to fulfill.

Just because there are social distancing restrictions it does not mean Councillors can use this as an opportunity to hold meetings behind closed doors.

Michael Jones, Labour Councillor for Southgate & Gossops Green, rightly objected to this move saying it 'would impact on the accountability and transparency of any decisions made.'

It is more important than ever at this critical time, for the County Local Committee meetings to remain open to the public.

Yours sincerely

Elaine Bolton
Chair of Mid Sussex Labour

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